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Uniroyal Tires


Uniroyal Passenger Tires

Uniroyal passenger tires supply the performance and experience you can count on for your coupe, sedan, minivan, or crossover. Traditional lines such as the Laredo and Tiger Paw offer exactly what you need!

Uniroyal All-season Tires

Uniroyal all-season tires provide impressive traction all year round in dry, wet, and light snow conditions. Lines such as the Laredo and Tiger Paw have been delivering quality all-season tires for generations.

Uniroyal Performance Tires

Uniroyal performance tires offer the top end performance you have come to expect…and more! Lines like the well-known Tiger Paw continue to impress us with reliable traction and handling.

Uniroyal Touring Tires

Uniroyal touring tires deliver year-round comfort and success on the highways. Lines like the Laredo and Tiger Paw bring past traditions to the next level and beyond!

Uniroyal Truck Tires

Uniroyal truck tires are available for your light truck, SUV, or crossover. The Laredo and Tiger Paw lines can cater to a variety of driving styles and conditions.