Dothan, Ala. –
Big businesses are planting roots across the state, such as Kimber Manufacturing in Troy and the Toyota plant in Huntsville. Dothan is experiencing growth also. Gateway Tire and International Beams are both expected to open by the end of the year in Dothan. This is going to give additional companies in the area opportunities to bid on projects such as trucking, supplies, or machining.

“More businesses and more manufacturing come in is good for us and is hopefully going to have a positive impact on the community,” said David Lipton, general manager at Schnitzer Steel.

“We are seeing an increase of activity in companies expressing interest of expanding or possibly relocating. We had a really good 2017 and are optimistic about 2018,” said Dean Mitchell, Director of Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce.

Gateway Tire and International Beams are beginning the hiring process for jobs in Dothan. Here are the links to those available positions: Gateway Tire: